FAQ about Mobile Apps

Do you charge me to update the mobile content?

No, you will have access to update the content in the mobile app as often as you like. It will be updated on the user's mobile device next time they open it. If you would like us to do this for you we have a small monthly charge but it is very easy to update.


Are there any limits to the number of users I can send it to?

No, we would like you to get your mobile app out to as many people as you can. We will actively encourage you to show it to more people. The more people that look at your app the more people talk about how great our service is.


How long will it take to make my app?

Once we have all of the information from you, it will take around 48 hours to make your app.


What does my monthly payment cover?

The £19 monthly payment covers the following:

  • Hosting the app on our server.

  • Access to the Content Management System to allow you to update the app.

  • Unlimited Over Air Distribution of the app.