Mobile Apps for your Business


Why should your business go mobile

The internet is no longer fixed to your desktop, or even a portable laptop. Today almost EVERYONE is mobile. Buying decisions are made more quickly than ever before, while on the go.

Customers want it NOW, in the quickest, easiest, simplest way possible… whether they’re commuting to or from work, travelling overseas, or even on holiday!

Whether you like it or not, we’re all connected 24/7 for 365 days of the year. Your business needs to be open and ready to scoop up these customers in their hundreds and thousands … at the precise second they decide to buy.

If not, they will go directly to your mobile competitor and your business will lose out. It’s that simple.

Think about it … doesn’t it make sense for you to capitalise on this massive growth in keeping your customers informed at their finger tips?

Here’s some of what it will do for you:

  • Push notifications of your offers direct to the app users phone, making it a quick and easy buying decision for your customer.
  • Send brochures directly to your customers instantly … and saving you huge costs of printing, and effort in posting out brochures.
  • Dramatically improve communications at every level of business, streamlining processes for your team.
  • Give your customers directions to find your premises, no more getting lost or having to waste time looking up your address.
  • And more...

There are many features available, including; Contact us, Contact form, Video, About Us, Location/map, Menu, Special Offers, Events, Facebook, Twitter, Buy Now, Newsletter, Blog, Insert PDF brochures, Push Notification, Full map function, Geo-targeting, App lock etc.


What are Apps?

Apps are just short for applications. Applications are small programs or bits of data that enable mobile phones to perform complex tasks.

There are gaming apps, information related apps, app tutorials and apps related to almost everything. Apps vary according to brand and of course, the operating system that it was designed to work on as well. So for example, Android apps are designed to work on Google Android OS and phones that use it, irrespective of the brand of the phone.

It is important to understand that Smart phones are much more capable than old phones and are closer to PCs or PDAs than mere phones. Today, Smart phones are media and entertainment intensive; Apps are designed to suit various needs like entertainment, gaming, and word processing to more specific apps, for example, learning a particular language or home decorating. This is what makes it so easy to tailor the actual Apps you use to increase your business.


Over 95% of businesses don't have a mobile app

Somewhat surprisingly, over 95% of businesses don’t have a mobile app. They are literally leaving money on the table … or desktop so to speak.


  • Why not be first and at the cutting edge of your market, engaging directly with your customers while they’re on the move.
  • The opportunity for you to generate huge earnings with little competition is just 48 hours away (the time it takes us to get you set up and started).
  • You don’t need any technical knowledge or design experience, we do it all for you.

Not only will you be up and running within 48 hours, we’ll also ensure you are fully supported with any training you need to understand how apps work. You can call our help desk at any time and we’ll even give you lots of marketing ideas to make the most of your apps.

There REALLY is only one way to go, it’s with mobile apps.