About Us

At My Mobile Business App we specialise in developing apps specific for your business. We are a division of Develop and Promote Ltd, (www.developandpromote.co.uk) who have been developing websites that work for clients for twenty years. The mobile apps have been over a year in development, and are now ready for you to use.
We are based in Branston, a village outside Lincoln, our build process allows us to design your app over the phone or email, so you can have one wherever in the country you are. 
We have a team of people in our office ready to talk to you about your app, and what one can do for your business. We have a trouble ticketing system to fully support you. We have customers currently all over the country.
We have won awards for SEO and web design, and also best for business. We are always looking at ways to enhance your business, and you will be the first to know of any new developments.